ASHA is an arm of World Harvest (UK) [Registered Charity #1071929] established to raise funds for the relief of poverty, oppression, and injustice as well as for the promotion of health, education and economic opportunity in the developing world with a special emphasis on South Asia.

We specialise in selling high quality, recycled South Asian clothing, accessories & household items. We also seek to encourage economic development in South Asia by creating sustainable outlets for ASHA Artisans — micro and cottage industries being developed in South Asia.

Donations generously provided from within the UK’s South Asian community are carefully selected for resale, benefiting both the local community and the agencies ASHA supports from the sales proceeds. See our Supported Charities page for more details.

ASHA’s first shop was opened in Southall in 2001 and we now have a total of 5 shops, which include Kenton Harrow (2007), Leicester (2009), North Harrow (2011) and Hounslow (2015).

In the past decade, the number of UK charity shops has grown enormously. Why then another? Here’s what special about ASHA:

:: south asian is our speciality. Yes, we do know the difference between saris and lengas! ASHA receives and specialises in South Asian goods for your whole family.

:: fighting poverty. Although much of South Asia is fast becoming an economic powerhouse, it remains a land of extremes with millions still impoverished. ASHA’s proceeds are concentrated among organisations operating in South Asia seeking to alleviate that remaining poverty.

:: reuse = good. Not recycling? That was so 2001. The fact is resuse of clothing is good for our environment. According to the Charity Retail Association, charity shops save over 360,000 tonnes of texiles each year from thier fate in a landfill and saves our environment from all that nasty CO2. So give your clothes a 2nd life and help the environment in the process.

:: quality goods, affordable prices. Who does’t like a good deal? So come see our selection of clothing, leisure and entertainment goods.