Ministry and Diversity

London is perhaps the most diverse city on the planet. Having such an array of languages, beliefs, and ethnicities makes it a strategic focus for missionaries desiring to reach post-modern Europeans as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who have migrated to London from countries with little or no gospel witness. It’s an ideal location for mission trainees to learn from an on-going ministry and at the same time be immersed in the religions and cultures surrounding them.

Dependent on Grace

The London Mission Training Program exists to mentor and disciple the next generation of young people who will further the expansion of Jesus’ global kingdom. The World Harvest (UK) staff who lead the program do not have all the answers, nor are they “expert” missionaries. Rather, they are needy for the gospel and dependent on grace just as you are. It is their vision to walk with you as you encounter new cultures, expand your vision of the Church, learn to share the gospel to other cultures, and even as you encounter bumps (sometimes mountains!) of your own sin lying in the road.

Living Cross-Culturally (World Harvest (UK) Placements)

Loving people cross-culturally is a way of answering Jesus’ call to lay down your life for him. You’ll learn this practically and in community by being placed on a specific World Harvest UK team. You would live among South Asian immigrants in Southall, Harrow, and Tower Hamlets, or among the multi-cultural neighbourhood of Shepherds Bush, or among the alt-generation, working class, and many immigrants in Walthamstow. In some cases, your current church may be accepted as a ministry placement.

Our Vision for World Harvest (UK) Mission Program Trainees

  • To be servants who are becoming Christ-dependent, Spirit-empowered, and passionate for the Kingdom of God in their home cultures and cross-culturally.
  • To become a part of an incarnational community where the gospel is lived out as an authentic witness to what we say we believe about forgiveness, unity, and redemption.
  • To be ordinary individuals who aren’t afraid to ask the question, “What does it look like to lay down my life?”
  • To grow as believers who set aside their own cultural trappings in order to see the beauty of God as expressed in other cultures.
  • To live out their calling to BE as well as their calling to DO, who are beginning to understand who God has created and is redeeming them to be.
  • To experience London becoming a city where the Gospel is known and treasured among all its peoples.


What We Offer

Teaching: Curriculum includes: study of various cultures’ history and literature, evangelism, prayer, theology, missiology, discipling others, biblical masculinity and femininity in life and ministry, and personality and spiritual gifts assessment/exploration.

Experience: Engage in the life and ministry of a church or church plant including assisting short-term teams in evangelistic outreach, supporting the youth outreach/kid’s club of a local church, volunteering in a mercy ministry, and sharing the Gospel cross-culturally through various structured and unstructured relational evangelistic opportunities.

Discipleship: Someone walking with you, providing perspective on personally applying the gospel in your daily life and ministry.

Leadership: Several months of modelled team leadership followed by opportunities for first-hand experience leading a team.


Schedule Overview

Plugging In
– On hand for the start of the annual church cycle
– Meet with church leadership to plan your training schedule
– Start weekly discipling with mentor

Training and Learning
– On-going curriculum starting with understanding culture
– Periodic days of prayer
– Prayer and exploratory trips with other trainees across the UK and in other World Harvest UK or Serge fields in Africa
or South Asia
– Planning and training for summer intern teams

Servant Leadership
– Help lead summer internship
– Debrief: reflect on your experience and assess future possibilities


Where, When, Who, Requirements, How Much

  • London, England
  • 12 to 24 months beginning in September
  • Those seriously considering long-term missions and who have completed secondary school and a year of independent living
  • Must provide a pastoral recommendation from your home church
  • Must provide two additional references
  • Must complete the trainee application.
  • Must interview with placement pastor and mission training team member
  • Will need to provide £100 per month to cover books, class materials, other printed documents, weekly refreshments, and debriefing costs such as food, housing, and travel
  • Must provide all maintenance costs. Any stipend from your participating church must be discussed between the trainee and the placement pastor
  • Must agree to sign document stating that you agree to the commitments and ethos of the program
  • Optional: you will be invited to participate in the yearly international trip to either South Asia or North Africa. If you so chose to participate, you will need to provide the funds, which can be between £1000 – £1500. You are encouraged to have others help fund this by asking for donations from churches and/or individuals.
  • Bursaries to help with program costs may be on hand but are subject to availability
  • For any further questions, please contact the program leader, Stephen Jones, at